Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Sunday!

Another beautiful sunny day! Not a lot of crafting going on today, instead the garden got tidied, the rabbits got cleaned and I think all of us in this house caught the sun a little. As today was so very nice I rabbit-proofed the patio and let the baby bunnies out for their first run-around. Last year we bought two lop rabbits, both thought to be girls. One turned out to be of the other variety and we didn't find out until we found a nest containing baby bunnies in the hutch ... oh dear! That morning I phoned the vet to book the boy rabbit in for a little op... Well the babies were found on 4th March so I figured they were now old enough to be let out safely onto the patio. The hutch they're living in has a good size run attached but its nice to give them more space where they can really build up some speed! There's three of them - two black ones and a black'n'white. The photo shows them at a couple of weeks old. Ahh cute!

Daddy bunny must have been waiting for Mummy bunny to finish birthing 'cos last Monday, exactly 31 days since the last lot of babies were discovered, Mummy bunny made another nest and it contains about four more babies! Eek! The time for rehoming the first batch is getting nearer, and hopefully I've already got the promise of a home for at least one - thank goodness! In the meantime I'd better start advertising ... anyone want a baby bunny????

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