Wednesday, 21 September 2011

WOYWW 120 Squeak Squeak!

Not a lot of work on my desk this week, mainly because I'm supposed to be having a major sort-out of all the stuff that is clogging all the cupboards, shelfs and other hidey places that are full to bursting of, well, stuff! I will however show you who shares my desk ... please meet Coco, aka Captain Kellog of the Cereal Division!

He is a Harvest mouse and is the only one left (we originally had three ...) and he loves to sit and watch as I make a mess with paper and ink ... and I love to sit and watch him as he is so so cute (no, he wasn't ever a wild mouse, he was bought from a local pet shop who got him and his brothers from a breeder!).

We also have four rabbits, two hamsters and a tortoise. I won't bore you with details of them all, however can you spot the tortoise? She's called Ruby and is a one years old Hermanns.

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p.s. an apology - when I visit a blog to view a desk I do like to leave a comment to show I've visited, but alas there are some blogs that just won't let me! Bad blogger! Hopefully I'll figure it out at some point ...  TTFN!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Major wardrobe clearout!

Well, you know how it is ... or maybe you don't if you are very organised and have a tidy wardrobe! ... There I was, trying to get dressed yesterday and just couldn't find anything to wear! Tops wouldn't go with bottoms, clothes sizes were all over the place (I still keep my skinny clothes for when I lose this extra weight that has appeared ..) ... gah!! Eventually (well, a nano-second really as I have a very short attention span) I got really fed up and just emptied the entire contents of the wardrobe on the floor with a view to having a jolly good sort out! Why does sorting out take sooooo very long? So far I have hung up 29 skirts (well, 28 as I'm currently wearing one..) sorted a laundry basket full of clothes to bin, a small pile to stick on ebay, and I still have a huge mountain of clothes on the floor!! I think I shall have to be more ruthless, certainly whittle down the skirts to no more than a  dozen ...

So here it is for your amusement, the horror that is my wardrobe ...

Scary, isn't it!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This is my desk today ...

As you can see there's not a lot on it, but I have had time for a little play! Somewhere, perhaps on a blog, I read about stamping with Perfect Pearls so I thought I'd give it a go ... You can't quite see in the photograph, but I don't think I did it right at all! I just ended up with sparkly blobs instead of shimmery leaves ... too much Perfect Pearl on the stamp? Ah well - better keep playing ...!

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Sunday, 4 September 2011

A new member of the family ...

Just a very quick and short post from me today as I've been a little bit busy with the latest member of our household ... let me introduce Ruby, our lovely Hermanns tortoise!

She is just a year old, and is teeny tiny! We collected her from the breeder this morning, and after a bit of exploring Ruby decided to spend the rest of the time sulking out of sight ... she'll soon settle!