Sunday, 23 March 2014

Filofax Wish List

As I've done a list of all the Filofaxes I've owned (See previous post), I thought I may as well compile a list of Filofaxes I would like to own ...

Its a short list this time ...

Compact Finsbury in Orange or Tangerine (or both)
and another one in Teal
and maybe even green

Of course I'm not even sure these ever existed, but I love my yellow Compact Finsbury so much I think it would be nice to have it in other colours too ...

Filofaxes Past and Present

It occured to me that actually I have owned rather a lot of Filofaxes over the last couple of years. There are various reasons ... I liked the colour, the pretty pattern, pocket layout, maybe try a different size  ... But mainly because I couldn't see that particular one in a shop near me, possibly because it was a discontinued model or colour. And I don't mind buying them secondhand as it can be a more cost effective way of experimenting with planners. Although the Filofaxes changed frequently, the contents didn't. What I put in a personal size is pretty much the same as what goes into a mini size planner. The only real difference is the writing space.

I have compiled a list of Filofaxes I owned and sold on or gave away ...


Cross - Pink, Camel
Finsbury - Black
Graphic - Black
Piazza - Citrus
Chameleon - Red


Pennybridge - Black


Songbird - Lilac, Sage
Swift - Sage
Dots - Multi
Hamilton (?) Zipped - Brown
Apex - Grey
Fresco - Multi
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Purple
BCC - Pink Lizard
Indie - Multi
Laurel - Green
Domino - Orange, Brown, Ultra Violet
Petal - Green
Metropol - Pink
Ranger - Brown
Finchley - Imperial Purple


Finsbury Zip - Red
Cross - Cherry, Chocolate, Black
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Vintage Pink
Domino - Red
Amazona - Black


This list is purely from memory so there may be a few more to add ...

I currently own ...

Holborn Zip A5 - Wine
Holborn Zip Personal - Wine
Calipso Compact - Burnt Orange, Teal
Malden Pocket - Vintage Pink, Ochre
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Grey
Cross - Camel
And finally a yellow Finsbury Compact.

... for now ...!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cough cough splutter .......

Excuse me while I dust off the cobwebs ... Is it really that long since I visited my blog??? Good grief!