Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lovely New Filofax Piazza as my Journal!

*Warning* this post has loads of photos!

I have been thinking of keeping a journal. I already have a diary (Finsbury Mini Zip) that has everything I need to do, appointments, etc, a weight-o-fax (Songbird) and a general notebook (BCC), but nowhere to record what I actually do .... Aha! Yes! An excuse to buy another binder! .... I knew it would have to be a pretty colour and have pretty things in it, so I trawled the net and found the perfect filofax for the purpose ... And she's here!

Personal size Piazza in citrus green! A bit bigger than my other filofaxes, but not too much bigger.

Lovely pretty colour ...


The pocket layout is perfect, pockets for tickets and mini notepads, bigger pocket behind for stickers ... I set her up straight away! The tabs (journal and notes) are made from a trifold easter card. The journal tab has the front of the card. I used my manual Dymo for the label ...

A week on two pages diary ... Plenty of room to write without being intimidated by too much space ...

The notes tab is also a pocket ... The card I used is slightly narrower than the diary, so I stuck some washi tape down the side ...

I decorated the back of the tabs with stickers and quotes. Pretty paper from Wilkinsons ...

A place for tickets, photos, things that make me smile :)

Plenty of room for more ... But wait!! I forgot to include my pens ... Duh! I have two pens for my journal - my Coleto (pink, violet, pale blue and orange ink) and a pen from Wilkinsons (black ink) that matches the notepaper ... They just both get hooked onto the pen loop ...

Now my beautiful journal just needs to be written in! The Piazza is a fairly stiff binder so is perfect for when I'm in bed and writing about my day. I have ordered some tape, stickers and other bits from Artbox to help keep the pages pretty and can't wait for it all to arrive! So exciting!!


  1. That is a beautiful binder. There's not enough green in the Filofax world. Where'd you get it?
    Danni x

  2. Hi Danni! Thank you, yes the Piazza is gorgeous! I knew what layout and colour I wanted and did a lot of research before I 'discovered' the Piazza - a discontinued model. It was just a question of waiting for one to appear on ebay or Philofaxy Adspot ... I eventually got her (to me she is definately a her ...) off ebay. I have to say (without sounding too odd ...) she smells and feels really really nice, her leather is so smooth and luxurious, its a pleasure to write my journal :)

    1. That doesn't sound odd at all! (and yes, she definitely looks like a she.)
      Is it weird that I want a Holborn in that colour? XD I love my Wine one but, ugh, I love bright green so much.

  3. Great post! Love the green.

  4. I am so glad I found your beautiful post.I have been waiting for one to go on sale. Just got a pocket size (which will become my new wallet) for $37.99 on Amazon from Pen and Leather.


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