Thursday, 4 April 2013

Filofax Flex - now much prettier!

A while ago I purchased two Filofax Flex notebooks in pocket size, put them in a drawer and promptly forgot all about them ... Well, this morning I rediscovered them! I bought two because at the time it was cheaper to buy a complete flex than to buy refills ... One Flex had its pen loop pinched for use in my mini Finsbury Zip. The other Flex ... It just looked a little bit dull, well on the inside anyway. The only thing to do was to pep it up a bit, so I covered the visible grey notepad covers  with pretty paper. Now I think its now much more cheerful! :)

Here are some photos:

I used pretty paper, double sided sticky tape and a scalpel.

I didn't bother covering the middle notepad as the covers can't be seen anyway ...

Much prettier! Now I think I'm more likely to actually use the flex! :)

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