Thursday, 3 January 2013

It started with one Filofax ...

My obsession with Filofaxes started in September. The idea was simple: purchase a Filofax, use the diary, fill the 'fax with all the useful information I need, get organised. I really did set out to use a single binder, really I did ...

The first one was a personal size Finsbury in black that looked very boring and is far too big for my bag. A couple of weeks later I went to Staples and found a pink pocket size Metropol for a fiver ... The size was sooo much better, but the binder was oh so very pink ... I didn't keep that one long. Then along came a pocket size Malden in Vintage Pink. This is my main binder with everything in and can easily double up as a wallet. Love it love it love it! I love the zippy pocket, the colour, the size, yummy leathery smell ... And my mini size diary fits in my Malden whenever I want to have a change from my mini ...

Do you see where this is going ...?

... Oops TKMaxx had loads of Filofaxes in ... Oh dear! I accidentally acquired a black mini Amazona and my current love, the red mini Finsbury Zip I mentioned in my previous post. And just the other day I found a personal Graphic in Staples for a fiver - Well I couldn't leave it there could I ...!  

 (and I forgot to mention the personal size Metropol in Kingfisher Blue thats on order ... Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!!)

This is not good and really must stop. My bank balance is suffering and my friends think I'm a nutter ...

Here are my 'filos ...  (yes they do all have a use!)

And then I see photos of other people's Filofax collections and realise my obsession is quite mild after all!! Heehee. :o)


  1. We don't think you are a nutter Em, we KNOW you are!!! Nutty about Filofaxes, but they are all FAB xxx

  2. I can only see 0.6666 of a Philofaxy there? And your collection is only beginning....


    1. Only 0.6666?? My OCD means I have to round it up to at least 1 ... heehee!!

  3. I've gone back to Filofax this year and I'm loving using them again. I've got an A5 Chameleon and a pocket Malden.


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