Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Lovely New Filofax Finsbury Mini Zip!

Gosh has it really been six months since my last post? Eek! And to make matters worse this post isn't even about dolls, or anything crafty ... Its about my lovely new Filofax! And theres plenty of photos of it too lol! I will however be posting about the dolls I had for Christmas sometime in the near future.

Anyhow, lets get straight to the point ... My lovely red Finsbury Mini Zip!

My beloved Frixion pen won't fit inside, so I picked up a Filofax Flex cheap from TKMaxx and trimmed down the pen loop just enough to fit in the rather tight external pocket. The loop itself is elasticated so will fit most of my pens.

The inside left has some useful pockets where I keep my most useful business cards (handyman, pet sitter, local taxi) and also my doctor details in case of emergency. The clear flysheet has small post-its with reminders on. Behind the flysheet you can see my current food shopping list ...

Then I have a full 2013 week on two pages diary. The front of the diary has a 2013 calendar and I've highlighted important dates like birthdays and anniversaries so I can see at a glance. Details are written in the diary. I also have Notes, To Dos, and Addresses. These are marked with Martha Stewart Mini Tabs, which I luuuurve!

Finally, tucked in the back pocket is a Moleskine Volant Extra Small which fits in beautifully, avoiding the ring mechanism, and a Filofax pen!

So there you have it! I am really pleased with the size (rather the lack of it lol!), the set up, the colour, and the stiffness of the binder allowing me to write without having to find a flat surface. The price was good too, good ol' TKMaxx ...! I hope you enjoyed reading about my new diary ... Here's one last photo ...


  1. That is one adorable little mini zip!

  2. I just ordered this in purple, I can't wait to start organizing :)
    Thanks for the idea of putting a moleskine in it, I have a new one at home in the right size, so I'm going to copy your idea. I'm searching for a small pen now, one with a ballpen and a touch screen tip for my iphone. Any tips?


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