Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Look ...

Today I started faffing around on my laptop and have given my blog a fresh new look - I hope you like it -  it took me ages to figure out how to alter the background, header picture, etc and I still can't add my signature to the end of every post! If anyone can help please...?

Also I would like to wish everyone who reads this a very Happy New Year!!! I wasn't in a fit state to post anything yesterday after having got home just before four in the morning ... now I feel fully recovered and ready to send the kiddies back to school on Wednesday!!!

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  1. Thank you for your very kind comments on my blog today.

    Love the look you've selected for yours too

    Happy New Year - can scarcely believe it's the 3rd of Jan already - soon be time to start on my Christmas cards at this rate!!!



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