Friday, 6 January 2012

A Challenge for 2012

A lot of bloggers set themselves a challenge to last throughout the year ... whether it may be a calendar page for each month, or a Christmas card a week, or anything else - all are brilliant ideas and I've been wanting to set myself a challenge too. The challenge I settle on has to be something I can pick up and put down on a whim as sometimes time is tight, and not too in-depth, complicated or time consuming and something that can be a bit varied so I don't lose interest. The challenge I'm setting myself is to knit/weave/crochet a scarf a month for the next year. It doesn't sound too taxing does it, but it will enable me to hopefully learn new techniques without adding any stress of having too much to do, maybe even knitting on 'proper' knitting needles (ha!), and if I do more than one in a month it really doesn't matter!

So what will I do with the finished articles? As of yet I have no idea (next years Christmas gifts??) there's plenty of time to sort that out yet! In the meantime it will be interesting to find out what challenges others are setting for themselves!

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