Sunday, 28 August 2011

A rather pleasing car boot find ...

This morning I went to a car boot sale and was rather pleased to find this set of old educational wooden stamps!

The person I bought them off told me his wife was given these when their local school closed (I've forgotten the name of the school already ...), and that she remembers using them herself when she attended the school! I reckon she looked about my age (no I'm not telling haha!) so suppose this makes them somewhen around the mid 1970's, maybe very early 1980's ... back when 'G for Gun' was still allowed! There's a complete alphabet with pictures, a smaller complete alphabet of lower case letters (one's just off the bottom of the photo - sorry!), some animals and a circle - there may have been other animals and shapes at some point, I'm just pleased all the letters are there! All the stamps look very well used, and the wooden handles look a little worn, but I think these stamps are really charming and a great find! I wonder if any of you have had any great car boot/charity shop finds? Please tell, I'd love to know ...!

p.s. - I just realised the i that looks like a bottle of medicine (i for ill? iodine? iron?) is actually i for ink ... so now you know!

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  1. What a fab find. Can imagine a great book made using these images.


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