Sunday, 23 March 2014

Filofaxes Past and Present

It occured to me that actually I have owned rather a lot of Filofaxes over the last couple of years. There are various reasons ... I liked the colour, the pretty pattern, pocket layout, maybe try a different size  ... But mainly because I couldn't see that particular one in a shop near me, possibly because it was a discontinued model or colour. And I don't mind buying them secondhand as it can be a more cost effective way of experimenting with planners. Although the Filofaxes changed frequently, the contents didn't. What I put in a personal size is pretty much the same as what goes into a mini size planner. The only real difference is the writing space.

I have compiled a list of Filofaxes I owned and sold on or gave away ...


Cross - Pink, Camel
Finsbury - Black
Graphic - Black
Piazza - Citrus
Chameleon - Red


Pennybridge - Black


Songbird - Lilac, Sage
Swift - Sage
Dots - Multi
Hamilton (?) Zipped - Brown
Apex - Grey
Fresco - Multi
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Purple
BCC - Pink Lizard
Indie - Multi
Laurel - Green
Domino - Orange, Brown, Ultra Violet
Petal - Green
Metropol - Pink
Ranger - Brown
Finchley - Imperial Purple


Finsbury Zip - Red
Cross - Cherry, Chocolate, Black
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Vintage Pink
Domino - Red
Amazona - Black


This list is purely from memory so there may be a few more to add ...

I currently own ...

Holborn Zip A5 - Wine
Holborn Zip Personal - Wine
Calipso Compact - Burnt Orange, Teal
Malden Pocket - Vintage Pink, Ochre
Baroque - Pink
Malden - Grey
Cross - Camel
And finally a yellow Finsbury Compact.

... for now ...!

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