Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Filofax Search Begins!

I've been trawling through Filofax blogs and images on the web and discovered some amazing filofaxes I didn't know existed! One of which is the Baroque in Pocket size, and in pink. Its all I can think about (Obsessed? Probably ...)... and I can't find one anywhere!! The attraction is the gorgeousness of the texture hidden on the inside of the binder, and the layout is exactly what I'm looking for ... card slots the ”right” way round and a zippy pocket on the left (where it should be, in my opinion!), notepad pocket on the right. Perfection! I have a pocket Malden but I can't get on with the slots on the inside left - for me they are the wrong way round which is such a shame as its a lovely binder. As for the colour ... only pink will do!

What will I use it for? My Finsbury Mini Zip I use as my day-to-day organiser is very snug and can't fit much more in it so I really need to upgrade to pocket size. But not until I've found what I'm looking for ...!

Half the fun is the search, so wish me luck as I have never seen one of these for sale ....


  1. I have a Pocket Pink Baroque! It is beautiful i can see why you want one, i wold be tempted to sell but i would probs ask a silly price for it as i love it so much!
    I hope you find one :)

    The Wonderful Life of Alice

  2. G'luck! I have been on the search for a Personal size Baroque in Black for the longest. They recently started selling them again on Italy's Filofax site but I missed out on it. I had a pocket Baroque in Teal which was GORGEOUS but, sadly, the pocket size just doesn't work for me.

  3. Thanks guys! I believe if one is meant to find its way to me then it will ... If not I haven't lost anything, and the search is fun anyway! :)


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