Monday, 26 December 2011

All Dolled Up at the Dolly Spa

*Warning* loads of photos - you have been warned!!

Today was spent giving the Pippa dolls I recieved yesterday a bit of a spruce up. The hair was a little tangled, especially on the Princess one, and the dolls had a vague aroma of eau de loft ...

Soft toothbrushes and baby shampoo are good for gentle cleaning. The dolls are about 40 years old so are in pretty good condition for their age ..

The hair on the Princess doll is very good, just in need of a gentle wash and brush .. Many dolls had their hair chopped by children playing hairdressers ... This Princess is a Dancing Princess because when you move her left arm, her head and waist turn as if she's dancing the twist! How clever!

 Having a hair treatment ... fabric conditioner works best.

 Fruit Shoot tops are perfect for holding the hair in place whilst drying ...

The clothes the Pippas came in were lovely clothes, but not what they would have originally been sold in ... and there's no way of telling which issue the dolls were either, so I've made a guess ... From left to right we have 2nd edition Marie, 3rd edition Pippa and I believe Dancing Princess Pippa was only ever sold in the green sparkly dress ...

That's all for today ... I'll bore you with more Pippa-related stuff another time!

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