Monday, 7 November 2011

Looming Heck!!

Papercrafting and rubber stamping have taken a bit of a back seat lately as I've found a new 'thing' to play with ...! In my house we've been dabbling with that good old favourite timeless pastime French Knitting, on Knitting Nancys ... you know, those knitting bobbins that you use to make yards and yards or knitted cord then wonder what on earth to make with all the cord ...! Well ... we might be a bit behind the time here as we (me and the kids) have just discovered some wonderful knitting gadgets called knitting looms ... in this case Knifty Knitters!! I can knit with needles but veeery slooooooooooowly ... and this is so much more fun!

As you can see, me and the kids have been busy making hats and scarves! And my goodness its soooo easy! There is a hat in progress on the red loom, being made by one of the children.  I finished the speckled hat yesterday ... So far I have the round loom set and the flower loom, but have also ordered a long loom, the spool loom and the adult hat loom. I think what pleases me most though is the kids enjoy this activity as much as I do!

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