Friday, 16 September 2011

Major wardrobe clearout!

Well, you know how it is ... or maybe you don't if you are very organised and have a tidy wardrobe! ... There I was, trying to get dressed yesterday and just couldn't find anything to wear! Tops wouldn't go with bottoms, clothes sizes were all over the place (I still keep my skinny clothes for when I lose this extra weight that has appeared ..) ... gah!! Eventually (well, a nano-second really as I have a very short attention span) I got really fed up and just emptied the entire contents of the wardrobe on the floor with a view to having a jolly good sort out! Why does sorting out take sooooo very long? So far I have hung up 29 skirts (well, 28 as I'm currently wearing one..) sorted a laundry basket full of clothes to bin, a small pile to stick on ebay, and I still have a huge mountain of clothes on the floor!! I think I shall have to be more ruthless, certainly whittle down the skirts to no more than a  dozen ...

So here it is for your amusement, the horror that is my wardrobe ...

Scary, isn't it!

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